S8 + H600 combo

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This combo has been designed for all of you that needs the best of the best for outdoor and/or work use.

This is a combo with our top flashlight (S8) and our top headlamp (H600) and extra batteries, charger and adapter.

These two products make use of the same battery system.

With this combo you'll assure yourself superb light for whatever need you may have.........and with loads of battery power.

Combo with:

1 x Elwis S8 rechargeable flashlamp.

1 x Elwis H600 rechargeable headlamp.

2 x extra rechargeable batteries.

1 x separate charger for 2 batteries.

1 x 220-240V adapter.

Product description

Combo solution with Elwis S8 (rechargeable) flashlamp + Elwis H600 (rechargeable) headlamp + extra batteries + separate charger for two batteries + 220-240V adapter.

More Information
Delivery days 2
Rechargeable Yes
Lumens 600 & 810
Flashlight: Elwis S8, incl. 1 battery
Headlamp: Elwis H600, incl. 1 battery
2 extra batteries: Elwis BAT002
Charger: Elwis CHG020
220-240V adapter: Elwis CHG011