Elwis PRO H4-R

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Elwis H4 is a powerful 5W LED headlamp for professionals.

Recommended for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Super relevant for various outdoor activities.

Lightweight: 107 grams, including battery.

Powered by rechargeable battery (charged via micro USB port).
Rechargeable battery can be replaced with 3 x AAA batteries also.

Designed with 3 different light modes

      High beam: 410 lumen.
      Low beam: 45 lumen.
      Red light: 6 lumen.

Designed with sliding focus: The beam can be adjusted to deliver exactly the light you need.

Water resistant (IP45).

Designed to be shockproof from 1 meter.

Elwis PRO product with 5-year warranty.

Designed with quality components from A to Z.

Product description

The H4 headlamp is an outstanding multi-purpose 5W head lamp.

We’ll stick our necks out and say that every professional craftsman and outdoor enthusiast needs a H4-R in their toolbox or rucksack. We have placed the battery pack at the front (behind the lens) and added a simple (but robust) head strap. This means that when folded up, the headlamp only measures 4 x 5 cm!!!  This, combined with an overall weight of just 109 g, means that the H4-R is the perfect tool for any professional craftsman or mechanic working on his or her back under a vehicle, as well as being an indispensable companion for the outdoor enthusiast.

At high-mode, H4 offers a fantastic 410 lumen light output and the headlamp has been designed with a red light mode also.

A great feature of H4 is that the rechargeable battery can be replaced with 3 x AAA batteries also. Bring extra AAA batteries when you are away from home (a charging point) and you'll never run out of power.

More Information
Delivery days 11
Rechargeable Yes
Lumens 410
Headlamp: Elwis H4.
Rechargeable battery: Included.
Charging cable: Included.


Elwis CHG011 is recommended if you need a separate 220-240V adapter.

Extra battery available: Elwis BAT010.

Warranty: 5 years (we refer to our general terms).

Weight: 109 grams, incl battery
Dimensions: 3.3cm (cylinder) / 5cm x 6.2cm (housing
Housing: ABS and aluminium
Lens: Acrylic, optical
On/off switch: Top, red rubber
Battery: 1 x 832937. 3.7V - 1000mAh - 3.7Wh - Lithium rechargeable battery. Rated input: 5V/1A. Rated output: 3.7Wh. Protection class: IP20. Material: Antiflammable ABS.
Main light source: 5W CREE XPG2-S2. 
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 7500K
Focus: Twist style optical focus system
Charger (not supplied in box) required output:  DC5V - 1A max (USB connector)
Output (lumen): 45 (low beam) / 410 (high beam) / 6 (red beam)
Run time (hours) down to 10% of full: 7.5 (low beam) / 3 (high beam) / 17.5 (red beam)
Charging time (hours): 6
Charging level indicator: 1 x LED on battery
Beam distance (m): 80 (low beam) / 260 (high beam) / 10 (red beam)
Beam width (cm) from 1 m distance: 120 (flood) / 20 (spot)
Protection class: IP45 / III
Operating temperature range (Celsius): -5°C to +40°C
Charging port: Micro USB
Cable for charger: USB into charger, Micro USB into lamp


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