Elwis PRO P320R

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Elwis P320 is a 5W LED flashlight designed to be the ideal companion for any Professional.

Powered by rechargeable battery (charged via micro USB port).

Designed with the practical feature that it can be powered by a single AA drycell battery (if the rechargeablke battery is low on power and cannot be charged on the go).

Recommended for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Designed with 2 different light modes.
      @ high beam = 320 lumen
      @ low beam = 63 lumen.

Long battery time. At low beam this flashlight will work for appx. 6 hours.

Designed with sliding focus: The beam can be adjusted to deliver exactly the light you need.

Extremely water resistant (IP65)

Designed to be shockproof from 1 meter.

Elwis PRO product with 5-year warranty.

Designed with quality components from A to Z.

Product description

High-end 5W rechargeable flashlight.

Elwis P320 delivers everything you could desire from a professional flashlight. It has a light output of 320 lumen, a focusable beam, a battery lifetime of more than two hours at high beam (10% output after 2.6 hours) and it is extremely water resistant (IP65).

Add to this that P320R weighs only 86 g (including battery) and is no more than 12 cm long. This means that you can have a fully professional flashlight in your breast pocket that delivers much more light as those metal tubes we used to carry around 12-13 years ago!We guarantee you’ll be impressed by the amount of light this little product delivers.

P320 is powered by a rechargeable battery. We have designed the product with the extra feature that it also can be powered by a single AA battery. If you are on the go and have no access to charging the battery, no problem. If you bring extra AA batteries you'll not run out of power. That's a very handy feature.

More Information
Delivery days 0
Rechargeable Yes
Lumens 320
Flashlight: Elwis P320
Rechargeable battery: Included
Belt clip: Included
Charging cable (USB to Micro USB) Included
Lanyard: Included

Elwis CHG011 is recommended if you need a separate 220-240V adapter.

Warranty: 5 years (we refer to our general terms).

Weight: 86 g incl. battery
Dimensions: 2.75 cm / 1.95 cm (diam. head/tube) x 12.3 / 13.2 cm (length flood/spot)
Housing: Aluminium
Lens: Acrylic, optical
On/off switch: Bottom, red rubber
Battery type: 1 x 14500. 3.7V - 750mAh - 2.775Wh - Lithium rechargeable
Light source: 5W CREE XPG2-R5
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 7500K
Focus: Sliding style optical focus system
Charger (not included) required output: DC5V - 1A max (USB connector)
Output (lumen): 63 (low beam) / 320 (high beam)
Run time (hours) down to 10% of full lumens 6 (low beam) / 2.6 (high beam)
Charging time (hours): 6
Charging level indicator: 1 x LED on torch
Beam distance (m), high beam: 230 (spot) - 50 (flood) high beam
Beam width (cm) from 1m distance: 30 (spot) - 120 (flood)
Protection class: IP45 / III
Operating temperature range (Celsius): -5°C to +40°C
Charging port: Micro USB
Cable for charger: 1 m (supplied in box). USB into charger, Micro USB into torch