Elwis PRO P610

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Elwis P610 is a powerful 10W LED flashlight for professional use.

Recommended for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Designed with 2 different light modes

      @ high beam = 610 lumen
      @ low beam = 83 lumen.

Long battery time. At low beam this flashlight will work for 8 hours.

Designed with sliding focus: The beam can be adjusted to deliver exactly the light you need.

Extremely water resistant (IP65).

Designed to be shockproof from 1 meter.

Elwis PRO product with 5-year warranty.

Designed with quality components from A to Z.

Comes with belt pouch.

Product description

P610 is a very powerful 10W flashlight that delivers an amazing 610 lumen output.

If you require a lot of work light... look no further than the P610 flashlight. This flashlight features a 10W Cree LED and believe us when we say that you will be amazed by the bright and clear work light offered by this product.

This flashlight has been designed with zoom function. Focus the beam, activate maximum light output and you will, for instance, be able to see every small movement at the edge of a forest 150m away.

In spite of its powerful light output, the P610 flashlight weighs only 173 g (including batteries) and can easily be carried in ie. a jacket pocket. This makes it an extremely versatile flashlight for both indoor and outdoor use.

P610 is designed with 2 different light modes. At high mode it delivers 610 lumens, at low mode it delivers 83 lumens.

More Information
Delivery days 0
Dry cell battery yes
Lumens 610
Flashlight: Elwis P610
Batteries: Included. 4xAAA
Pouch: Included
Lanyard: Included


Warranty: 5 years (we refer to our general terms).

Weight: 285 grams, incl. batteries
Dimensions: 3.0/3.7 cm (diameter head/tube) x 12,2/13,7 cm (length flood/spot)
Housing: Aluminium
Lens: Acrylic, optical
On/off switch: Bottom, red ABS
Battery type: 4 x AAA
Light source: 10W CREE XPL-V5
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 7500K
Focus: Sliding style optical focus system
Output 30 seconds (lumen): 610
Run time (hours) down to 10%: 8.4 (low beam) / 2.7 (high beam)
Beam distance (m), max focus: 86 (low beam) / 260 (high beam)
Beam width (cm) from 1m distance: 30 (spot) - 160 (flood)
Protection class: IP65 / IK07 / III
Operating temperature range (Celsius): -5°C to +40°C


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