Elwis PRO X4

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220V task lamp with 60W LED and 3800 lumens.

Designed with 2 different light modes

@ high beam = 3800 lumen
@ low beam 1800 lumen.

USB powerbank outlet built into the lamp (for charging of other devices).

Comes with 2 power outlets equipped with overload protection system

Reflector shaped to give approx. 90° beam angle.

High colour rendering index (CRI 95+) for a light color very close to natural light.

Supplied with EU 2 pin charger

Fits Ewis tripod

Product description

Elwis X4 is a very durable 220V task lamp with high CRI and a very powerful light output.

When you need lot's of light and the use of a 220V cable is no problem - X4 is what you need. You'll be amazed of the light output of this lamp. When you need to light up larger rooms, we recommend that you combine two pcs of Elwis X4 and a tripod. For many Painters this is the preferred work tool.

More Information
Delivery days 2
Lumens 3800
Task lamp: Elwis X4
Built-in 220V cable Included.


Warranty: 5 years (we refer to our general terms).

Weight (kg): 3,66
Dimensions: 29.5 x 29.5 x 8.5 cm
Housing: Black aluminium with thick rubber bumper (yellow)
Lens: Durable glass, clear / PC reflector
Foot stand: Polyamid (nylon) PA66
Light source: COB 60W 
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 5000K
Colour rendering index (CRI): +95
Operating voltage: 100-240V AC - 50/60Hz
Output (lumen): 3800 (step 1), 1800 (step 2)
Protection class: IP54
Operating temperature range (Celcius): -20°C to +40°C
Power supply cable: 5m. H07RN-F 3x1.5mm²
Power supply plug: Round EU 2 pin with 1 socket for earthing pin



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