Elwis PRO S1

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Multi-purpose 5W LED flashlight for professional use. 420 lumen.

Designed to offer extra features and functionality.

Comes with a number of digital functions as SOS signal mode, strobe light mode and thunderbolt stroke mode.

Digital dimming of light output. Can be dimmes from 10% to 100%.

Designed with sliding focus: The beam can be adjusted to deliver exactly the light you need.

Recommended for all indoor and outdoor activities.

Recommended for professional use.

Comes with belt pouch for handy storage.

Extremely water resistant (IP65).

Designed to be shockproof from 1 meter.

Elwis PRO product with 5-year warranty.

Designed with quality components from A to Z.

Powered by 4xAAA batteries.

Product description

Elwis S1 is a very versatile 5W LED flashlight.

Since we first introduced the product (version 1) seven years ago, this flashlight has really proved its worth.

In short, this is a very versatile product that has been designed with many great features. One great feature
is stepless dimming (10% - 100%). This means that the light output can be adjusted to give you exactly the light intensity that you need. Other features inlude an automatic SOS signal and strobe light. These digital functions are built into this flashlight.

We have also designed S1 with zoom function.The flashlight delivers a 420 lumen light output and it is powered by 4
x AAA batteries. It is IP65 rated.

More Information
Delivery days 0
Dry cell battery yes
Lumens 410
Flashlight: Elwis S1
Batteries: Included. 4xAAA
Pouch: Included
Lanyard: Included
Weight: 176 grams, included batteries (44g)
Dimensions: 3.7/2.95 cm (diam. head/tube) x 12.2/13.7 cm (length flood/spot)
Housing: Aluminium
Lens: Acrylic, optical
On/off switch: Bottom, red Aluminium
Battery type: 4 x AAA Alkaline Duracell
Light source 5W CREE XPG2-R4
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 7500K
Focus: Sliding style optical focus system
Output 30 seconds (lumen): 49 (low beam) / 420 (high beam)
Run time (hours) down to 10%: 10.4 (low beam) / 2.2 (high beam)
Beam distance (m): 27 (low beam) / 250 (high beam)
Beam width (cm) from 1m distance: 160 (flood) / 15 (spot)
Protection class: IP65 / IK07 / III
Operating temperature range (Celsius): -5°C to +40°C
Additional data: Stepless dimming through switch modes