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About Elwis Lighting

Today, Elwis is headquartered in Gentofte, where we strive to lift the legacy of our founders, by continuously innovating and creating versatile and timely products. 

Worldwide, our products are traded in over 30 countries, where they can be found in various industries. However, our products are not reserved for B2B and industry. 

B2C and the outdoor environment have grown significantly in recent years, and it is our absolute ambition to be where it happens.

At Elwis, it is always essential that functionality and quality go hand in hand, as our customers must always have the best conditions for carrying out their work or hobby.

Why Elwis

We are specialized in the development of work light solutions, lighting, and functional solutions.

We have more than 65 years of experience in the development of SMD, COB, and LED solutions.

We have a very solid foundation and knowledge base that places us in a unique position as one of the absolute first-movers in the industry.

It is our mission to utilize our know-how and vast experience to facilitate a continuous development process, in order to always improve the quality of our products, while reducing our CO2 footprint.

We continuously strive to produce more climate-friendly products, such as rechargeable items, where the use of dry cell batteries can be limited.



At Elwis, we enlighten the user experience by providing a tailored selection of products, made to suit your every need. Our selection features a variety of products, for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

As an example, our pro series line of products is made to fulfill the vast requirements of professionals. Qualitative lighting, rechargeable and/or dry cell options, as well as UV lighting, are all part of the possible work light solutions.


Whenever we create a product, we envision how it will benefit the user. as an example, we continuously curate materials and innovate products that are made to satisfy our critical demands.

These are demands we impose upon ourselves, as we always work towards, and strive to improve the degree of sustainability, and usability, when developing something new.


Applicability is key, in any phase of our development processes. Knowing our audience is an important factor, in every aspect of enabling.

We always seek to understand and learn more about our various customers, their work, and their ability to perform their job. In doing so, we become increasingly capable of providing the best possible advice, assistance, and product recommendations.

Elwis Outdoor Universe

At Elwis, we are proud to create and innovate equipment that is suitable for any activity.

We design and produce our products with absolute care and consideration for those who seek adventure or want to push themselves to reach even further.

We have been a leader in the design and production of lighting solutions for professionals since 1953, but as the outdoor environment has influenced the active outdoor lifestyle, we have continuously focused on adapting our products to that particular segment.

In other words, Elwis products are for you whose passion is to be found in nature, whether it is in sports, for hunting, or outdoor life in general, then we have a solution that matches.

Elwis products are robust, efficient, durable, and tailored to your needs.

Quality Lighting Solutions

Great results require quality equipment, that is proven in any professional context.

Success requires dedication, and at Elwis we are 100% dedicated to manufacturing and providing equipment for professionals, of the highest quality.

All Elwis work lamps, flashlights, and headlamps are built from durable and hard-wearing materials and can be readily used in a demanding work environment.

Our lighting solutions are the ideal companions for all those who demand solid and practical solutions.

For example, should you work on a construction site, there may be a need to inspect every detail, and with our products at hand, any risk of errors can be radically reduced.

Environment and Manufacturing

At Elwis, we create qualitative designs, many of which are produced in-house, as it is essential for us that our products have a Danish touch that reflects our history, ambitions and general standards.

We use only the best quality components from A-Z in our production, where durability and functionality are always in mind when new products are developed. 

We always strive proactively to ensure a sustainable production process.

The History of Elwis

  • Elwis was founded in 1938 when Mogens Wilsbech and Peter Jakob Stubbæk founded the company. The origin of the name itself comes from a combination of the founders’ surnames WI and S, where the EL part comes from the word “electric”. 
  • In 1953, Mogens Wilsbech successfully manufactured the world’s very first functional fluorescent hand lamp.
  • In 1965, Elwis entered into a partnership with Dana Corporation from the United States, and with the help of their unique machinery, Elwis was able to further innovate its products, as well as cement its status among the leaders in the industry.
  • In 1985, an arson fire damaged the company’s premises at Sandtoften in Gentofte, which burned to the ground. The damages were immense, with material damage worth approximately 10 million DKK. Subsequently, the factory was rebuilt, and it is the same premises that today house the company’s headquarters in Gentofte.
  • The Lighting division was established in 2001 as an independent division within the company.  The purpose was to create a division that works exclusively with the development and sale of COB, SMD, and LED lamps. The company has been run by Peter Lottrup since 2003.
  • Peter’s father and predecessor Ole Lottrup founded the company, Elwis Royal, in 1986, which is a sister company to Lighting. He said at the time “Our products are a combination of solutions, wherein human innovation and technological precision elevates each other”.
  • The elements of innovation and technological precision are paramount today, where we do our utmost to live up to the legacy and identity that was Ole’s vision.

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