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At home, coziness should not be underestimated. The holiday season can be advantageously spent – with those that are close to you.

It’s free quality time where you can play a board game, enjoy the long conversations, or just drink a cup of hot cocoa while reading a book.

Sometimes it’s ok to choose indoor over outdoor. After all, there is no place like home

If you choose to stay home and have fun with the family, then a suitable flashlight can easily be part of the entertainment.

With an Elwis PRO P320R, you can, for example, do everything from treasure hunting, shadow games, and much more.

You get a LED flashlight that:

  • Is rechargeable and provides 320 lumens.
  • Can also use a single AA battery.
  • Weighs just 86 grams, including battery.


The winter holidays are approaching, as are family time and outdoor activities.

The winter holidays are an obvious opportunity to take on all kinds of adventures in nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In this post, you can get inspiration for your holiday activities, as well as which of Elwis products we would recommend.

Lys til dine minder - Whale


You can camp in many ways.

One can live in a forest far from civilization, with primus, igloo tent, and canned Jaka Bov.

You can also experience nature in a slightly more glamorous way, with “glamping”, which is camping with a hint of luxury.

Whether you are a fan of classic camping – or modern glamping, nature, and its nuances can be experienced in several ways.

In the end, it depends on the mood, temperament, interests, and outdoor preferences, and the possibilities are endless.


Pack your Fjällräven backpack, and remember to seal your smartphone in a plastic bag.

After all, not everyone’s balance is all that good when you go out with the family in a canoe or a kayak.

It can easily become a wet outdoor delight, but if you still plan to go out on open water, then nature exudes exciting areas that can be explored.

Then sail out along the sandy beaches, or on the river Gudenåen and maybe bring a fishing rod.

The possibilities are many and who would not enjoy a nice day on the water with friends and/or family.


No matter where you live in Denmark, there is never far to the nearest woods.

A walk in the woods or on the beach is another noteworthy chance to get a lot of fresh air and some good talks.

With a little luck, you are also far from the nearest mobile mast, so that the qualitative outdoor and offline time with family or friends can easily ensue.

The Danish forests offer a lot of prominent destinations where you can go on pleasant picnics with family and/or friends.

They are also perfect for walking, running, playing, exploring, depending on who you are traveling with.

Every cozy forest or beach trip requires the right gear, and therefore we think it makes good sense to have a stable value for money headlamp. That’s exactly what you get with a “WALK THE DOG” from Elwis. This model has the following specifications:

Value for money solution for the active.
Delivers an output of 140 lumens, and illuminates a field 30 meters ahead.
Battery life of up to 4 hours, and powered by 2xAAA batteries.


Unless you want to slalom on the roof of a building in inner Copenhagen, you should probably look south – or north to have the best chances for fresh powder beneath the ski boots.

If you are ready for it, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities to experience nature through alpine outdoor activities, whether it is in the Norwegian mountains or the Austrian Alps.

For any ski trip, an obvious choice to bring along is the Elwis Wildlife H900R headlamp.

With this at hand, you have a superior overview of the slopes. Model H900R comes i.a. with the following characteristics:

  • LED headlamp, with a stylish camouflage design.
  • 900 lumens in output, as well as solid battery life.
  • 5-lumen settings, including red light, flash, and sensor.


With the super sharp Elwis PRO H320R, you have a model that has many good features, and i.a. offers a red light option that provides a usable and comfortable night light.

It is something that may benefit you a lot if you want to go out for an evening run or stroll.

The H320R comes with:

  • Rechargeable LED headlamp that can deliver 320 lumens.
  • Can illuminate a field a full 50 meters ahead.
  • Rechargeable via Type C-USB.
  • Functional under temperature conditions -10 ° C and up to + 50 ° C.
  • A red light option that gives an extra dimension with its comfortable night light.
  • COB lamp that can provide resp. 300 & 600 lumens in output.
  • Delivers a light quality of 80 CRI.
  • Rechargeable via Micro-USB.
  • Functional under temperature conditions -10 ° C and up to + 40 ° C.
  • Magnetic mounting and 360 ° rotation system.


With the Elwis Craftsman 600R at hand, you have the ultimate tool for any situation and emergency.

Even when the power goes out, as our friend Chad in Texas experienced quite recently …

Elwis is saving the night. No electricity - ice is knocking down trees. 90,000 without power. Good times
Chad Alan Jones


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