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When darkness falls and you want to cozy up and have a good time with friends or family, the right lighting is necessary. With Elwis products, you can easily and elegantly generate a good atmosphere, with lighting that applies perfectly to your needs.

Elwis products have a wealth of mounting options, and our range of products offer a varied selection of items that are built the for any outdoor setting, such as camping.

With our products you can easily cook, play music or something else, without limitations, even if you are in a dark forest.

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Lumens : 365
Weight : 130g
Celcius : -5°C to +40°C
Battery life : 24 hours


The PRO H1 is a high-end, extremely durable 5W headlamp for professional and/or outdoor use.

373.00 kr.

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Lumens : 330
Weight (g) : 103
Celcius : -10°C to +40°C
Battery life (hours) : 28


Elwis Hygge H330 is a battery-driven headlamp with 330/35 lumens, a long-lasting battery life, and a red night light option.

319.82 kr.

Lumens : 330
Weight : 145g
Celcius : -5°C to +40°C
Battery life : 9 hours


Elwis PRO H3 is a powerful 5W LED headlamp, that is well suited for both professional and outdoor purposes.

410.00 kr.

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Lumens : 320
Weight : 68g
Celcius : -10°C to +50°C


Elwis PRO H320R is a powerful and rechargeable LED headlamp, which is well suited for both professional and outdoor purposes.

378.00 kr.

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Lumens : 140
Weight : 62g
Celcius : -10°C to +50°C
Battery life : 4 hours


Elwis WALK THE DOG is a great value for money addition to the inventory of any outdoorsman. It is a lightweight model, that runs on 2xAAA batteries.

120.00 kr.

Lumens : 40
Weight : 30g
Celcius : -5°C to +40°C
Battery life : 3 hours

ELWIS Focus H40

Elwis Focus H40 is the ultimate value for money choice, in our Focus line of products.

75.00 kr.

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