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We are committed to reducing and removing plastic from our products. This is a positive step towards reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability. By reducing plastic usage, Elwis can reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by our products, which is an important aspect of promoting circular product design.

Elwis is increasing the use of FSC packaging on our products. FSC is an international certification system that promotes responsible forest management. By using FSC packaging, Elwis is able to ensure that our products are packaged in a way that promotes sustainability and responsible forest management.

Elwis’ products are made from sustainable materials. For example, our floor display solutions are made with environmentally friendly birch plywood, which is a fast-growing type of wood that requires limited care. This is another positive step towards promoting sustainability and responsible resource management.

Moreover, Elwis is continuously developing more hybrid and rechargeable models that provide an alternative to dry cell models. This is a positive step towards reducing their environmental impact and promoting circular product design. By providing customers with products that can be recharged and reused, we are able to reduce the amount of waste, that would otherwise be generated by battery driven products.


We collaborate with Elretur and Emballageretur, which are Danish non-profit organizations that promote responsible waste management practices, such as a commitment to responsible waste management.

Furthermore, Elwis is in close dialogue with our factories regarding transport, working conditions, etc. This is a positive step towards promoting responsible production practices and ensuring that our products are produced in a way that is socially responsible and sustainable.

Elwis Lighting has standards of social responsibility that all collaborators must adhere to when engaging in a business relationship.

These standards aim to ensure fair labor practices, support for local communities, and promotion of ethical behavior. Elwis Lighting upholds high standards of corporate governance by ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The company maintains transparency and accountability in its financial reporting. Responsible and ethical behavior is promoted throughout the organization.


Our collaboration with Elretur and Emballageretur serves as a positive aspect of our ESG strategy as it demonstrates our commitment to responsible waste management. 

Both organizations are focused on circular product design and usage, which aligns with our company’s own efforts to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Elretur is a Danish organization that is responsible for collecting and recycling electronic waste. By collaborating with Elretur, Elwis is able to ensure that all products are properly disposed of and recycled, which reduces the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfills or is incinerated.

This not only benefits the environment but also helps to conserve valuable resources by keeping them in the production loop.


Emballageretur is responsible for collecting and recycling packaging waste. By collaborating with Emballageretur, Elwis can ensure that all packaging is properly disposed of and recycled. This helps to reduce the amount of packaging waste that would likewise end up in landfills or incinerated. Moreover, it also helps to conserve valuable resources. 

Both collaborations are positive for Elwis because they enable us as a company to fulfill our responsibility as a producer by ensuring that products and packaging are disposed of in a responsible manner.

In addition, by collaborating with organizations that focus on circular product usage, Elwis is able to align our efforts with the broader goals of the circular economy, which also involves the end consumers and other stakeholders, who are increasingly concerned about sustainability and responsible production practices.

In sum, Elwis’ ESG strategy is focused on promoting sustainability, reducing our environmental impact, and promoting circular product design. By reducing plastic usage, using sustainable materials, developing hybrid/rechargeable models, and collaborating with organizations that promote responsible waste management practices, Elwis Lighting is taking positive steps toward a more sustainable future.

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