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Land of Hope - Elwis

Elwis lights the Land of Hope


Black Friday is approaching fast. Select November offers can already be seen everywhere, ranging from the physical landscape to the digital.

Black Friday can in several cases last a whole month, maybe even longer. There are Black November deals as far as the eye can see, not to forget the digital baby brother, known as Cyber Monday, which takes place in the wake of Black Friday, and Black Weekend.

At Elwis, however, we have decided to go in a different direction this year and use the opportunity to benefit others. Therefore, we have chosen to pursue a different and less commercial approach to the Black Friday concept. Instead, we will use the opportunity to see beyond, look at the world, and assist in such initiatives where we believe that our products can really make a difference.


At Elwis, we are well on our way in the development of more sustainable solutions, regarding the creation of new products.

However, more sustainable products, such as headlamps or flashlights, are far from the only areas or projects that we are working on. For a long time, we have worked to identify areas and contexts, where we as a company may benefit those in need.

In doing so, we came across the excellent NGO organization, Land of Hope, which works tirelessly to save Nigerian children. Here we firmly believe that our products will contribute with something positive to the everyday life of the children.

Many children in Nigeria live under horrific conditions, as they are accused of being witches, which may ultimately prove to have fatal consequences, such as torture and death.

Land of Hope helps to ensure that the children have a future through schooling and education, wherein their professional development and human potential can be realized.

We do not simply save children. We build strong personalities so that they become living proof that superstitions have no justification in this world – Land of Hope


We will be supporting Land of Hope, by shipping care packages, consisting of flashlights and headlamps, for the children to learn from and play with. Click HERE to learn more about our line of products.

Our first donation of products will have an overall value of approximately 4500 DKK.

This is the sort of equipment that we deem can be used in, and included as an active part in several teaching, and/or fun settings.

We believe this will help enhance the children’s education and everyday life. Moreover, the equipment will provide an extra dimension, where they can both play and learn about light, the importance of light, and what is worth illuminating by light.

At Elwis, we want to contribute what we can, and where we can. We take pride in helping those, whose needs and challenges match our own knowledge and products. Click HERE to learn more about Land of Hope, their work and mission.

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