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Jagt & Outdoor

Elwis at Jagt & Outdoor 2022



Friday at the Hunting and Outdoor fair started with a quick unpacking, where Team Elwis quickly was ready to receive the visitors at the fair (see timelapse) 👇

The fair opened at 14 PM and ran until 19 PM the same day. The visitors were a good mix of hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and families with young children, who chose to overlook the fine weather, to our benefit.

A total of 2693 people passed by on the first day of the fair.

Jagt & Outdoor - Hans FTZ


Saturday started quietly, but the pace was increasing continuously. Around lunchtime, Elwis two representatives were busy handing out products left and right.

It soon became clear that our headlamps, in particular, were in high demand, as they matched the requirements of the desired customer segments. Here, Elwis Wildlife H900R, Elwis PRO H32OR and Elwis WALK THE DOG were the absolute bestsellers.

The general response we received from the visitors, was that our presence filled a void as to what one could otherwise acquire in terms of hunting and outdoor-related products.

This was confirmed by several visitors who passed by. Some had even noticed our headlamp, the Elwis PRO H600R, in the American outdoor magazine Outside Business Journal.

The aforementioned Elwis Wildlife H900R was generally a big draw, especially among those interested in hunting, as its built-in sensor function was considered a great advantage.

The sensor function allows the user to operate other gear and equipment, without having to fiddle around with buttons and the like.

For the same exact reason, the Elwis PRO H320R was also very popular, as it is also equipped with a sensor function. Moreover, we had exclusive trade fair discounts that allowed visitors to make a bargain.

5,234 people passed by on the second day of the fair, which could be felt as the halls were absolutely buzzing with activity.

Saturday ended with a networking event for all of the exhibitors. Here we had an opportunity to share experiences, have talks and form possible collaborations.


Sunday started quietly, and as the day progressed, it was clear that families with young children, were the dominant segment on this the last day of the fair.

Being less busy, there was a better possibility to talk to one’s neighbors and taste the culinary street food offerings.

For example, there was venison, or a “liquid steak sandwich”, as seen here 👉

Jagt & Outdoor - Hans FTZ
Jagt & Outdoor - Hans FTZ

The last day of the fair offered a bit more visitors than on the first day, i.e. 3125.

Hence, the total number of visitors attending the Hunting & Outdoor fair 2022, came in at 11052. 

Hans Andersen from FTZ also made his way past this year’s fair and took his time to model with Mads and Mikkel, who made up Team Elwis.

Elwis and FTZ work closely together, and it was nice to have a visit from Hans – whom we will likely meet again at FTZ’s trade fair later this year.

This year’s Hunting & Outdoor fair closed its doors for the public at 16 PM, and one hour later, Team Elwis left Odense Congress Center.

We went home with plenty of useful knowledge, ideas for upcoming products, and the potential for future collaborations in the bag.

The last 4 years have seen an increased development within the entire outdoor universe, and the competition is fierce. Only the best is good enough for the selective and quality-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

It’s something we know we can live up to, and we continue our outdoor adventure by continuously tailoring and developing products, to suit the needs of the user.

We hope for a happy reunion in 2024, where we aim to return strongly again – with a lot of new and innovative products to meet the demand. We return home with a lot of knowledge, and a broader understanding of what is required.

Until then #explorewithelwis and follow our journey!

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