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Elwis Displays

Elwis’ displays serve a practical and essential purpose, namely being able to present and highlight selected products, in the best possible way.

Read here how a display from Elwis can help increase your sales, in a sustainable way no less – Elwis Display Identity V6_compressed

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Display your Elwis

Elwis’ displays are the perfect solution for every requirement, location, and situation. Elwis’ displays serve a practical and essential purpose, namely being able to present and highlight and feature selected products, in the best possible way.


Floor Displays:

Our “floor display” models are solid and made of environmentally friendly birch plywood. They have an intelligent and elegant design that will surely improve the visibility and sales of the products.

There are two versions of Elwis floor displays. Model “Klik800S” has the following dimensions: height: 167cm and width: 55cm, whereas the model “Klik800H” measures: height: 170cm and width: 55cm.


Desk Displays:

With one, or more of Elwis’ custom-made “desk display” solutions, the products will be visible when it matters most, namely when the customer is ready for purchase. That way you can appeal to both spontaneous and urgent needs!

There are also two versions of Elwis’ desk displays. The large model “Display Box 001” measures the following: height: 30cm and width: 50cm, and the dimensions of the slightly smaller model “Display Box 002”, are: height: 30cm and width: 30cm.

Our desk displays have five different POS Solutions, as described in the “Specifications” below. They can also be seen in a more detailed version by clicking the “Manual Download” button further below.



POS DI100 PRO - "Toolshop Small"
DI100 is a package solution that focuses on offering a smaller but qualitative selection of models to the local dealer.
POS DI101 PRO -"Toolshop Large"
DI101 is a package solution focusing on offering a more extensive but similar selection of working lights available in the DI100 package.
POS DI102 PRO - "Mechanic"
DI102 is the perfect solution for those with a comprehensive need for qualitative working lights and requires a variety of flexible, versatile, and functional models.
POS DI103 Pro - "Artisan"
DI103 is the package for those who require a bit of both for your craft. The solution contains two of our best and most flexible products in the form of Daylight and the BFF models.
POS DI104 Pro - "Construction"
DI104 is the ultimate package for headlamp enthusiasts. Here, the need for qualitative light is covered, with a wealth of different models, from our Elwis PRO series.

General information



Related products

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Lumens : 360/63
Weight (g) : 86
Celcius : -10°C to +40°C
Battery life (hours) : 6


The Elwis BFF S360R is a hybrid flashlight with 360/63 lumens, that is both rechargeable and capable of utilizing a single AA battery.

555,80 kr.

Lumens : 1000
Weight (g) : 197
Celcius : -10°C to +40°C
Battery life (hours) : 7


The Elwis Wild P1000R is a powerful, versatile rechargeable flashlight with 1000/180 lumens, UV, and red light.

906,70 kr.

Lumens : 100/300/800
Weight : N/A
Celcius : -20°C to +50°C
Battery life (hours) : 20


The Daylight H800R is a powerful, rechargeable, and durable LED headlamp, capable of delivering 100/300/800 lumens.

966,43 kr.

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Lumens : 1000/500
Weight (g) : 331
Celcius : -10°C to +40°C
Battery Life (hours) : 3.5/1.5

Elwis Craftsman 1000R

Elwis Craftsman 1000R is an inspection lamp with 1000/500 lumens, and a 360° rotation system.

633,48 kr.

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