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Her kan du finde Elwis tidligere udgivne nyhedsbreve. Opdag og søg efter bestemte produkter eller information m.v.

Newsletter | June 24

State-of-the-art design: The Elwis Mechanic 500R is a rechargeable inspection lamp for professionals, offering reliability, durability, and versatility. Powerful illumination: features high-intensity led lighting with main light options of 500 lumens and 250 lumens, plus an 80-lumen flashlight on top. Long-lasting battery: equipped with a 3.7v 2200mah Li-ion battery, providing up to 10 hours of use on the top light and up to 8 hours on the main light at 250 lumens. Durable construction: built with a robust ABS housing and polycarbonate lens. It’s resistant to dust, water splashes, and sudden impacts (ip54, ik07 protection class). Convenient and user-friendly: charges via USB-C in 3.5 hours, includes a 1-meter USB-C cable, and features battery/charging indicators. It also has flexible positioning, a magnetic base, and a built-in hook, Fsc-certified packaging: mechanic 500r comes in an FSC-certified cardboard box.

Newsletter | May 24

Discover the best lighting solutions for you. Our article on LinkedIn provides an in-depth understanding of the spectrum of light, the various kinds of lighting, and their applications. Learn more about our luminous universe, and what it entails, like the basic elements of lighting; e.G. Color temperature (kelvin), the color rendering index, and UV light.

Newsletter | April 24

Rediscover our bestselling inspection lamp - the Elwis Wireless W600R. Crafted for comfort and convenience, this lamp boasts a user-friendly design with an ergonomic non-slip grip, always ensuring a secure grip. Whether you need a subtle glow or powerful shine, the step-less dimming function, offers a range from 100 to 600 lumens. Enjoy multiple mounting options by utilizing the magnet for quick and secure attachment to metal surfaces, or opt for the hook for flexible positioning. Illuminate your surroundings with precision, versatility, and ease – experience the Elwis Wireless W600R today.

FP March 24

Newsletter | Elwis At The 2024 Eisenwarenmesse

A few weeks back, the global hardware industry met in Cologne for the international Eisenwarenmesse – Europe's leading hardware fair, gathering 3.200 exhibitors, and 38.000 visitors from around the world. Click the image below to read about our fair experience on LinkedIn.

Newsletter | Eisenwaren 2024 Issue

Join Elwis Lighting at the Eisenwarenmesse 2024 in Cologne, Germany. We are thrilled to announce that we will be attending -and showcasing our latest innovations at this year's Eisenwarenmesse! As one of the leading fairs in the hardware industry, Eisenwaren presents great opportunities to connect with industry professionals, present cutting-edge products, and explore new partnerships.

Newsletter | Time to Explore - January 24

The Elwis Explorer H1000R is a high-performance LED headlamp designed for versatility and efficiency. With an impressive 1000 lumens, it provides powerful illumination reaching up to 115 meters. Safety is a priority with dual red lights – a safety light at the back for visibility and a gentle red night light in the front. The adjustable lighting feature offers three white light levels to suit different needs. The model includes a built-in sensor function for easy on/off control and uses rechargeable 18650 batteries with a USB-C port for convenient charging. It is made of ABS and aluminum, with an IPX4 rating for rain resistance and an operating temperature range from -10°C to +45°C. Weighing in at just 194g and featuring a comfortable headband, the Explorer H1000R provides the perfect lighting for work, DIY projects, or outdoor adventures. It is a reliable and stylish lighting solution for demanding situations.

Newsletter | December 23 Issue

Experience the bestselling model of 2023 The Elwis Craft H650R is a safe choice for any professional or craftsman. The new Elwis Lighting catalog has arrived - prepare for next season now!

Newsletter | November & FTZ

FTZ Trade Fair 2023 We're thrilled to announce our presence at this year's FTZ Trade Fair. We can't wait to display all of our new, exciting, and cutting-edge products, such as the Elwis Craftsman 1200R. Don't miss the opportunity for some great deals, networking, and engaging industry conversations! Get ready to mark your calendars with a big x, and join us on November 8th and 9th at the Odense Congress Center.

NEWSLETTER | October Issue

Newsletter | October Issue

The Craftsman 1200R work and bonnet lamp offers a powerful 1200-lumen output with stepless dimming from 1200 to 80 lumens. It provides versatile illumination for various needs and operates for 2 to 15 hours depending on the selected brightness level. This lamp is reliable for various projects and automotive repairs, thanks to its rechargeable li-ion 3.7v/4000mah battery with a quick 5-hour USB-C recharge. It features convenient hook and built-in magnet fastening options for secure attachment and flexible positioning.

NEWSLETTER | September Catalog 2023/24

Newsletter | Catalog Season 2023/24

The new Elwis Lighting catalog has arrived, discover exciting new products now. The Craftsman 1200R work and bonnet lamp offers a powerful output of 1200 lumens. The stepless dimming function allows adjustment from 1200 lumens to 80 lumens to suit your needs. This versatile lamp provides intense illumination or a softer glow as required. Working time varies from 2 to 15 hours based on the selected lumens level. You can rely on this lamp for projects and automotive repairs without worrying about battery concerns. It's rechargeable through a USB-C port, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. The li-ion 3.7v/4000mah battery ensures reliable power and quick 5-hour recharging. Designed for convenience, it comes with both hook and built-in magnet fastening options. This provides secure attachment and flexibility in positioning for optimal lighting angles.

Newsletter - FOR YOU Headlamps

Newsletter | For You Headlamps

Introducing the Elwis Glow H150, a compact and versatile headlamp with a maximum output of 150 lumens, providing illumination up to 42 meters ahead. The headlamp boasts a lightweight design, weighing only 48 grams (excluding batteries), and runs on two AAA batteries. It includes a red LED light feature and offers a runtime of 9 hours and 30 minutes. The Elwis Glow H150 is equipped with IPX4 water resistance and comes with an adjustable headband for added convenience.

Newsletter - FOR YOU series

Newsletter | For You Series

Introducing the Elwis Glow H150, a compact and versatile headlamp. Maximum output of 150 lumens, illuminating up to 42 meters ahead. Lightweight design weighing only 48 grams (excluding batteries). It operates on two AAA batteries and includes a red led light. It offers a runtime of 9 hours and 30 minutes, IPx4 water resistance, and an adjustable headband. Introducing the Elwis Sense H240, a sensor-controlled led headlamp. Maximum output of 240 lumens, illuminating up to 72 meters ahead. Lightweight design weighing only 62 grams (excluding batteries). Powered by three AAA batteries, with two brightness settings and an impressive 44-hour runtime. IPx5 (water-resistant, protection against dust and debris).

Newsletter - Special Summer Deal

Newsletter | Special Summer Deal

Elwis' "Special Summer Deal" is valid until June 30, 2023. It includes the various products mentioned in this newsletter, as noted below. Elwis C350 | Elwis W600R | Elwis Blaze H380 | Elwis Walk The Dog | Elwis Multi 450 UV-R


Newsletter | BOB Series Flashlights

The Multi BOB 190 is made with high-quality aluminum alloy and is compatible with 2 aaa lr03 batteries. It produces a bright and clear light with a color temperature of 6000-7000k. It has a protection class of IP44 and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°c to +50°c. It is a lightweight model, weighing in at 42g without batteries. It has a built-in clip for easy attachment. Lastly, it has a beam distance of 35m for lighting up dark corners, and it comes in environmentally friendly packaging, made of FSC cardboard.

Newsletter - POS Solutions


Display your Elwis Elwis’ POS display solutions serve a practical and important purpose, namely being able to present and accentuate selected products, in the best way possible. Click the image on the right, and learn how a display solution from Elwis may help increase your sales, in a sustainable way no less.

NEWSLETTER | New Inspection Lamps 🔦

Elwis Handyman 500 The Handyman 500 is a stylish and versatile aluminum inspection lamp, which makes it both light and solid in use. It is powerful, adjustable, versatile, rechargeable, and provides 500/250/100 lumens. It can be utilized hands-free if one makes use of its magnetic mounting options. In addition, the Handyman model comes with a detachable hook module at the bottom of the lamp.

Automässan & New Products 🔦

Meet Elwis Lighting, as we participate among the many exhibitors and industry-leading brands, at the Automässan fair 2023. You will have a chance to experience the latest trends, from the various corners of the automotive industry. Moreover, you have the chance to get a sneak peek of our upcoming inspection lamps at the fair, I.E the Elwis Slim 280R & the Elwis Handyman 500R.

Newsletter - End Of The Year Sale

End Of The Year Sale 🔦

The end of 2022 is vastly approaching. We at Elwis are celebrating this with some exclusive discounts on several exciting products. Click the products beneath in order to get in touch with our sales department - get a high % discount deal made especially for you!

Display Your Business with Elwis 🔦

Display your business with an Elwis floor display and increase your sale of Elwis products. In France, our display solutions have already proven successful, with a vast rise in sales, increasing as much as 45-50% Click "download presentation" to learn more about Elwis display solutions - including our brand-new desk displays as seen below!

FTZ Trade Fair Product Issue 🔦

Inspection lamps in demand. Some of the most frequent and in-demand product solutions at this year's ftz trade fair were hands-free and flexible products. With that in mind, it was perhaps not surprising that our inspection lamps attracted a lot of attention, especially the Elwis Slim 600R. Several of our latest product arrivals, like the Elwis Slim 600R, have a magnetic mount and hook option and it can also be bent 90° in each direction.

Ready for FTZ 🔦

Team Lighting is ready for the annual FTZ fair in Odense. This year we will bring our wide array of brand-new products, and we are particularly excited to present our selection of Elwis headlamps, like the Elwis Daylight H800R. As always, we are happy to participate, as the fair is an excellent opportunity to support FTZ, one of our longtime partners and collaborators.

New In Stock 🔦

Click to view our exciting selection of lighting products, including the all-new arrivals listed below !! HEADLAMPS: Elwis Aktiv H360R | Elwis Blaze H480R | Elwis Blaze H380 | Elwis Catch H430R | Elwis Catch H430 | Elwis Craft H650R | Elwis Daylight H800R | Elwis Hygge H330 | FLASHLIGHTS: Elwis BFF S360R | Elwis Wild P1000R WORKLIGHTS: Elwis Craftsman 1000R

ELWIS goes to EISENWAREN | Special issue 4/4

In the last number of weeks, we at Elwis Lighting have published three eisenwaren-themed newsletters. These newsletters entail and enlighten the very products we will bring to the fair, from the 25th to the 28th of September. This will be the last of four issues and will highlight some of the unique models, from the previous newsletters in this series. Come and visit Elwis in hall 10.1 stand j051 h050.

ELWIS goes to EISENWAREN | Special issue 3/4

In the coming weeks, we at Elwis Lighting will be publishing four Eisenwaren-themed newsletters. These will entail and enlighten the very products we will bring to the fair, from the 25th to the 28th of September. This will be the third of four issues and feature some of our unique worklight models. Come and visit Elwis in hall 10.1 stand j051 h050.

ELWIS goes to EISENWAREN | Special issue 2/4

In the coming weeks, we at Elwis Lighting will be publishing four Eisenwaren-themed newsletters. These will entail and enlighten the very products we will bring to the fair, from the 25th to the 28th of September. This will be the second of four issues and feature some of our unique dry cell models. Come and visit Elwis in hall 10.1 stand j051 h050.

ELWIS goes to EISENWAREN | Special issue 1/4

In the coming weeks, we at Elwis Lighting will be publishing four Eisenwaren-themed newsletters. These will entail and enlighten the very products we will bring to the fair, from the 25th to the 28th of September. This will be the first of four issues and feature some of our unique rechargeable models. Come and visit Elwis in hall 10.1 stand j051 h050.

We are back - Nyhedsbrev

WE ARE BACK | The summer is ending 🔦

Nyhedsbrev: August 2022 - The summer is slowly ending, and so are the long sunny evenings. Therefore quality lighting will soon be in demand - and we are up for the challenge! Elwis have a lot of exciting products on the way, depicted in our brand new catalog.

Nyt Katalog - Nyhedsbrev

New LIGHTING CATALOG has arrived 🔦

Nyhedsbrev: Juni 2022 - Experience elwis new catalog. Click here to view our latest catalog - featuring plenty of exciting new additions of lighting products. Including 8 brand new headlamps. welcome to elwis luminous universe.

Nyhedsbrev - Pandelamper

OUTDOOR SPECIAL | Elwis Headlamps 🔦

Nyhedsbrev: Maj 2022 - Elwis Wildlife H900R is a rechargeable and versatile led headlamp with 900 lumens and solid battery life. The Wildlife model also comes with 5 different lumen settings, including red light, flash, and sensor. In addition, the lamp itself is flexible and can be bent 90° up and down.

Slim 600R - Nyhedsbrev

Elwis SLIM 600R is here 🔦

Nyhedsbrev: Maj 2022 - Elwis Slim 600R is a solid and rechargeable inspection lamp, where you can easily vary your light output when necessary. The Slim 600R provides 180° bending of the lamp and three-lumen settings. The Slim 600R can be used handheld or hands-free, depending on the user's requirements. mounting is possible when utilizing the built-in hook or the built-in magnet.

Multi 450 UV - Nyhedsbrev

MULTI 450 UV | Inspection lamp by ELWIS 🔦

Nyhedsbrev: April 2022 - The Multi 450 UV, provides the opportunity to examine possible leaks, corrosion, and damage. The lamp is capable of identifying chemical leaks or damage caused by fluids, not visible with a normal flashlight or headlamp. A quality lighting solution for any craftsmen, DIY task or professional.

JOU - Nyhedsbrev

Elwis travels to the JAGT & OUTDOOR Fair 🔦

Nyhedsbrev: Marts 2022 - Visit elwis when we participate in the hunting and outdoor fair in Odense. We will be present throughout the entire fair, from the 1st to the 3rd of April in Odense Congress Center. We are thrilled to be a part of this event and can't wait to present our exciting range of outdoor headlamps and flashlights.

Nyhedsbrev - Magdalena

Elwis expands | Please welcome Magdalena Nørgaard 🤝

Nyhedsbrev: Marts 2022 - We are thrilled to present the newest addition to the lighting team. From now on, Magdalena will serve as the new Account Manager at Elwis Lighting. Magdalena is an experienced sales and marketing professional, with a work history in SMEs from various industries both in Denmark and Internationally.

Nyhedsbrev - Walk The Dog

New ELWIS headlamp | WALK THE DOG 🐶

Nyhedsbrev: Marts 2022 - Experience nature in the company of man's best friend - and with the all-new Elwis "WALK THE DOG" headlamp. WALK THE DOG is an easy-to-use, value-for-money headlamp, made for the active user.

Nyhedsbrev - Elwis PRO P320R


Nyhedsbrev: Februar 2022 - The Elwis Pro P320R is an innovative flashlight that serves as the perfect tool, and addition, for any professional or outdoorsman. Therefore, we invite you to have a look and #explorewithelwis

Nyhedsbrev - Explore Wildlife

Explore Wildlife with Elwis 🔦

Nyhedsbrev: Januar 2022 - Happy new year from Elwis Lighting. Experience the Elwis Wildlife H900R headlamp in this issue. The Wildlife is near, explore it here #explorewithelwis.

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