We are family

Elwis Lighting is a family owned business with a friendly and relaxed company culture. We are a team of dedicated light specialists that take pride in supplying unique and state-of-the-art work lights to the market. We enjoy the benefit of having a flexible and agile organization with a distinct customer focus and short call to action.

We enjoy the benefit of a super close cooperation with our sister company – Elwis Royal A/S. We share location, infrastructure and logistics and this allow us to have a very efficient cost structure.


We sell products that we love ourselves

We design and develop work lights that meet our own demands for what modern work lights should do.

Few people test our products harder than we - and our ambassadors – do. Our products travel everywhere and are constantly challenged and tested to support ongoing improvements. When we release a product, we stand behind it 100%. For the same reason, we do not carry a super wide product program with tons of different products with only small variations. We concentrate on going to market with a limited program of products that we guarantee will make a difference for the end user. 



The single best way to support sustainability is to buy less but better!.

When we design and develop our products, we do everything possible to look after that the product can stay functional for a very long time. As we see it, the ultimately best way to look after that we all pollute less is to buy good products that simply last for a very long time. We don’t print catalogues and we don’t work with fixed deadlines for when to introduce new products. We introduce a new product when timing is right, and we distance ourselves from the traditional retailing cyclus with lots of excess costs, printed marketing and potentially inventory surplus. Our sister company is ISO 14001 certified and we follow the same principles and guidelines.

We involve ourselves…

We work with partners and suppliers only, with whom we share values. Our factories are clean, the staff treated well, and we look after that employees are paid fairly and that work environments are safe. We never compromise these principles to save a penny and cut costs. We know exactly where and how all products are made and we visit our suppliers on a regular basis and consider them part of our family.


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